I have a question. I need your help.




I have a question about Analytics.


I'm checking one of our clients about Unique visitors

Setting value

1. Selected Metrics : Unique Visitors

2. Period : Jan/01/2018 to Jun/30/2018

3. View by : Month

What does the numbers in the red line mean? why 0% on Jan and Feb?

Thank you in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




It would be the percentage of Unique visitors that have seen the specific page for the specific month.

0.0% would mean that here is even less than 0.1% of Unique visitors that have seen these pages for the given month (i.e maybe 0.01)

You might want to run the unique visitor metric report by month and see what is the total of unique visitors and do the calculation manually to see the percentage you see.

Notice that the total is 0.1% and it does not correspond to the sum of the percentages, this is simply due that the total is always deduplicated.

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