I can't create or edit users in Analytics

dieguitux 26-07-2016

We currently have bought  Analytics products for the company I Work for. The problem I have is with my user not being able to create or edit users in Analytics usign the "User Management" function.

When I want to create a new User, I can't save it because it says my current password is wrong. I'm currently accesing through the Enterprise Dashboard and then I see the option of User Management.

I See these options in the Management option:

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I can see the user list (None of those user can login on Analytics), ut when I Try to modify the user I get an error telling me that my current password is wrong.
I've tried changing my password from the menu -> Edit My Profile option.

I Can change the password, but it still does not allow me to change the Analyticis users.

Any Thoughts?

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dieguitux 27-07-2016

Hi Tanmay,

Yes, I have appear to have admin privileges, but I clearly have issues with my password as I cannot login trough  https://my.omniture.com/login/ 

I currently have to log into the enterprise dashboard and from there get into Analytics. If you can, please contact me privately and I show you detailed screens.



Community Manager

Hi Diego, 

Welcome to the Adobe Analytics product and the community!

The screenshot you attached seems to be broken but I assume you have the required Admin rights. Only admins can create and edit other users in the company. To save the changes as a security measure Analytics asks for your password. You can try logging in through the login page https://my.omniture.com/login/ and see if the works. 

If you are facing issues with your password let me know I will connect with you privately and sort it out. Thanks!