Hybrid app tracking?



We are having a hybrid app. One part is native and one part is the webview. Does anyone know how to track hybrid apps with Adobe analytics especially when trying to have one visitor created and not two?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Please find the solutions here:


Visitor Tracking Between an App and Mobile Web

If you are using phone gap solution is here PhoneGap Plug-in


Visitor Tracking Between an App and Mobile Web

PhoneGap Plug-in

In terms of the web implementation you can either use the default implementation by implementing the AppMeasurement.js and VisitorAPi.js or use a Tag management System (DTM or Launch for Adobe).  Choose an Implementation Method

Let me know if you need more details.

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Answers (8)



would this also help if we include our visitorid in the webview part per backend tracking?

For example: My webview part is always getting tracked by own generated visitor.id per data insertion api and the native part with the SDKS. when reading the help article it seems like Adobe is forwarding the User-ID from the native app to the webview part, right? And then I jsut need to pick up the ID and write it into our visitorid.

But how would you track a hybrid app. For example someone opens the app and the webview part starts. Shoudl i send in the visitor Id from native to webview and start counding the screen views and within the natve part just the klicks of the navihation and so on?

How does Adobe count visits and unique visitors in the app?

I hope someone can clarify these questions in the community or on Adobes side?

We are not using marketing cloud id, but if we would wouldnt both be differnt values in native and webview as long as I dont use the tracking code with the visitor id bridge?

Any news?




I would advise to first read how the visitor are identified in Adobe Analytics: Identifying Visitors

Next to answer you question yes sending both mid and s.visitorID would create 2 distinct visitors. I think that when you set s.visitorID you will see the query param vid. So in your case your would have vid and mid in the server call but per documentation above the vid will prevail as it is the first entry over the mid.

With any server call you have at least 3 type of visitor identification by default, one type of analytics visitor ID (aid (usually value from s_vi cookie for a website) or vid (s.visitorID) or mid (Visitor ID services)), then the IP and an user-agent. However the visitor identification will always follow the processing order as per documentation above.

Hope it helps.



Hi Alexis,

Hope you are well and thanks for the details you have provided regarding tracking Hybrid apps.

We have implemented as per the guidelines (on link below) and can see the same mid value being set in both the app (native) and the mobile web (webView). The issue is when we segment on visitors within Adobe Analytics we don't see visitors who have seen both native and non-native which suggests this is not working as intended.

Visitor Tracking Between an App and Mobile Web

Outside of the guidelines on that link, we have one piece of code deployed on the webView side (similar to below) that is not mentioned on the link above (was added when the initial tracking was put in place) but is mentioned on the link below.

Visitor Tracking Between an App and a Web View (Beta link)

  1. if (s.getQueryParam("adobe_mc")) {

  2.   s.new_vi_date=new Date;

  3.   s.new_vi_date.setFullYear(s.new_vi_date.getFullYear() + 5);

  4.   s.c_w("adobe_mc",s.getQueryParam("adobe_mc"),s.new_vi_date);

  5.   s.visitorID=s.c_r("adobe_mc");

  6. }

  7. else if (s.c_r("adobe_mc")) {

  8.   s.visitorID=s.c_r("adobe_mc");

  9. }

Is it possible that the code above could be causing the issue? My understanding is that it should not be required if the implementation is carried out as per the first link and that the VisitorAPI.js handles the correct setting of the visitor providing the adobe_mc parameter is passed.

Any guidance you could give would be much appreciated.





If you have implemented the Mobile Services SDK on the app, then you should be able to track the webview pages as if they were native pages.



On apps the SDK is inbuilt.

On web based it can be managed via DTM.

YOur challenge is 2 different media in a nutshell. All you could do was is there a login that needs to be done on both platforms?

If there is then capture that, then associate to a adobe MID.




Dear Laetizia,

For Hybrid tracking you can use DTM like our website. Hybrid application is easy and convenient as DTM manages the tag.

Thank You