How to use Adobe SC tracking / custom events?



I'm pretty new to Adobe Analytics and really hope someone on this can clarify some questions for me. 

The website is a parallax website, so all the info is located on one page.

I want to track:

-Unique visitors 

-Which media channels visitors came through 

-Scroll depth 

-if a visitor clicked on more than 2 elements (so, for example, there is a section that has 5 tabs: depression, anorexia, arthritis, etc.) I would like to know which one of these tabs the visitor clicked on.

- unique visitors who clicked on a link that takes them to an external website

-number of visitors that downloaded a PDF. 


What type of tracking will I need to measure those actions?


Thank you!!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Karim, to answer your questions:

  • Unique visitors are tracked out of the box, as long as you have a basic implementation, you'll be able to track unique visitors.
  • which media channels visitors came through is set up through Marketing Channels. You will want to set up Marketing Channel Processing Rules. Documentation for this can be found here.
  • Scroll Depth would require the use of the getPercentPageViewed plugin. Documentation on this plugin can be found here.
  • Visitors clicking on more than two elements could be achieved via segmentation, provided you're tracking the elements that are clicked.
  • Exit link tracking is generally enabled out of the box. You can pull this report by going into Analysis Workspace and drag the 'Exit Links' dimension into a freeform table.
  • Download link tracking is also generally enabled out of the box. In Analysis Workspace you can drag the download link dimension into the freeform table.

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