how to track the last link user clicked before leaving site



Hello Guys,

Is there anyone can help to guide: How to track the last links user clicked before leaving the site, no matter what the hit-depth is?

E.g., Entry Page A > Page B > Page A > click "configure", then user left the site.

I can understand that if the "configure" leads to another page on website, then I can use the page with biggest counts of "exit", but how about if the "configure" will not guide user to any specific page on website, but a JS button or lead to a new "layer".

So, if there is any way I can get the last links user clicked (but not only lead to a new page) will be helpful.

Please let me know if there is any way I can do it.

Thanks in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



H, it sounds like you will have to tag and track all the actions that will lead to user to exit your site and report on those. So if you know "Configure" sends the user to another site, you fire a call of your choice to Adobe and the redirect the user. That call will then be the user's last call.

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