How to track successful login or logged-in count of users

manujendrap1027 07-09-2019

I want to track successful logged-in count of users, and i am using event10 for the same. but how to implement this in DTM. i am not able to understand when i send this event from DTM. as i haven't implemented any direct call rule for it. how can i implement the same without using direct call rule.

I am expecting event10 report in Adobe analytics. and i already configured event10 as counter event in the report suit setting.

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manujendrap1027 09-09-2019

Hi Suraj,

I haven't implemented anything till now, i am looking for solution for the same. i don't have access to add or modify anything on website. and Scenario is : -

user has successfully logged in and is taken to correlating page.

surajp86368405 07-09-2019

Have you already implemented event10 to fire on successful log in on page load ? If you have already then you should not have to do anything else. In the report you could simply calculate the event count by day.

Not sure if i am missing anything.