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Hi Team,

I've a question in eCommerce site, I user purchased 3 products and the user returned back 1 Product out of 3 Products. How to track the return orders in Adobe Analytics through DTM ?  Are there still any way to track the return orders.

I would  be great help for the suggestion.



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I'd imagine that you would be able to track returns in DTM if the return happens online, but obviously this wouldn't capture any actions that occur offline. Returns made online can be tracked in an event with s.products properly set.

However, I know that I've personally made some purchases online, clicked to make a return, then ended up not sending the product back in the mail. Obviously if your site doesn't sell physical products but online services (like paywalled media or education, for example), then using DTM in the above example should be fine.

Now, if you are asking how to track offline returns actions/data, the best option is via transactionID-based data sources, where you can bulk upload returns (and cancellations if interested) in order to course-correct your purchase data. Here are some details on transactionID: transactionID and Transaction ID and

Here's a (potentially incomplete) list of variables you would want to upload via Data Sources:

  • Date – this is the date that the return or cancellation was made
  • Product – this is the SKU of the product that is being returned
  • Evar – This is the Return Transaction Type. Options are Return or Cancellation only.
  • EventX – This is the number of unique products being returned per row. It should always be set to 1.
  • EventY – This is the number of Units being returned per row. It should be set to the number of non-unique products. It will generally be set to 1, but if more than one unit of the same SKU is returned in the same Return ID, it can be more than 1.
  • EventZ – This is total amount of revenue returned per row. Do not include a currency symbol, simply return the integer total for the number of units per row.
  • Transaction ID – This is the original PURCHASING transaction ID. This should be populated for every row.

Hope that helps!

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I'm not sure how others are tracking returned orders in Analytics. I'm going to move this question to the Analytics community since it's primarily asking how returned order tracking is done. Once we have a possible solution, I can help you implement it using DTM.