How to track inactive/disabled buttons on the website using Adobe launch?



Hello All,


I have an ecommerce site and we are using Adobe launch to capture the interaction. There are products for which 'add to cart' button is disabled and the business wants to see the insights of how many times the visitor is exposed to these disabled 'add to cart' buttons. 


Can someone please guide me how to track this?


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Hi, @SivaprasadGunji 

I would start by either including a flag in your data layer that indicates whether or not the "add to cart" feature is available or disabled for the particular product, or by creating a Launch data element that looks in the HTML for the "add to cart" button and returns a disabled/enabled indicator.

Once you've identified whether the button is enabled or disabled, include the information on your call that includes the prodView event and s.products. Where and how you capture this (event, eVar, prop) is dependent on how you want to use the data. For example:

  • You might consider an eVar (hit/recent) if you want to track both enabled and disabled. With this setup, you can quickly understand the frequency of "prodView" events that occur under each scenario.
  • You might consider an event if you just want to track the frequency of "disabled" instances on a per-product basis.




Hi SivaprasadGunji


- You can use css property of the button which tells whether button is enabled/disabled

- OR you can use your own customer logic to set a flag in your data layer and then map it to Data element. You can avail this data element in rules to set any analytics variable.