How to stop sending traffic to SiteCatalyst

nitinwcg 05-12-2017


We plan to stop site catalyst analytics for one of our project and need to know a way to quickly stop sending traffic to the SiteCatalyst Server. Is there a property which needs to be set or need to remove any line from the script?

How to stop sending traffic to SiteCatalyst



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


If you're using DTM, removing the Adobe Analytics tool will do the trick nicely.

If you're using a legacy implementation, the following KB article is 100% the best way to fully stop an implementation:

Invalidate an Adobe Analytics implementation

Answers (2)

Answers (2)


Dear Nitin,

If you are using DTM(Dynamic Tag Management), you can go to DTM interface and disable the Property in which Analytics Tool is embedded with.

If you have directly hard coded the Adobe Analytics Base Code, please remove the line of script from the pages.

For Mobile Application, you can liaise with Mobile Developement team to turn off the SDK call from Adobe without SDK push to the customers or else remove the SDK to push the latest version to the customers.

Thank You!