How to setup Checkout ( product )?



I have the setup in DTM followed product syntax and I can see the data collected. 


But in the report suite, I have the product, checkout. But I  don't have data for Revenue and units ( both showed as 0 ). I am wondering should I do any special setup in report suite?



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As was mentioned above, you don't need to declare s.eVar82 when using it in products syntax.

On a sidenote: when you populate an eVar with the full eVar syntax, it is case-sensitive, and the "V" is capitalized.  So even if you need to declare it; s.evar82 is not the same as s.eVar82.


s.eVar82="some value"; // correct

s.evar82="some value"; // incorrect

This isn't relevant to your problem though.  Back to your issue.

When you say you aren't getting eVar82, what exactly do you mean by that? I see it listed in your debugger screenshot above, so I assume you mean that you don't see data show up in your eVar82 report? (sidenote: that debugger is outdated and a little buggy at this point. You should look into other debugging tools, such as Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger  or Omnibug).

  • Are you routing the data / looking in the proper report suite?
  • Is eVar82 configured correctly in the AA interface?  Make sure Merchandising is enabled and you select Product Syntax. This is the most common error.
  • What about the other config options, vs. the report you are trying to pull? Allocation, binding event, expire after? Depending on how you've set any of these, vs. metric(s), breakdowns, etc. you may not see the data show up as you expect