How to set up future kpi's by use of calculated metric?



Hi there,

We are trying to set up a calculated metric representing a target KPI which is different for each month of the year, and used the IF-condition (see screenshot).

Variable target - if condition.png

We notice that it only works for past/current month(s) but not for future months since the # of visits = 0 there (see screenshot).

Variable target - result table.png

Does someone has an idea about how to set this up?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




I think it isn't easy to create a metric like this. the problem is that the dimension used as rows filters the data and does not allow to check outside...

I once saw a possible way to go but can't find it anymore. however, maybe you can use some fancy "cumulative sum" (where you look back for the last x month) and segments for last/previous month to find out in what month you might be.

One idea: why don't you use the dimension "month of year" which would allow to check data (month) of "last year" to figure out in which row you are. the display something based on current year. to achieve this, you need to have full data of last 2 years in the table (or in the metric)... never tried it but might work