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I'm not sure if this question pertains only the setup of Adobe Analytics at my company.

I use Omnibug as tracking call debugger. Omnibug lists among all other information the "Object ID", which corresponds in most cases to the current page URL or the name of the clicked link on the page. It appears as "oid=https" in the full URL for the call.

Where can I get data to report on this? I mainly use Workspace, so I would highly prefer to find it there, but anywhere else is fine. I've asked at colleagues of mine and they use the Activity Map, but that is not what I'm looking for. If you also have recommendations on how to make this information appear as report this would be great (I'm assuming this is possible since the information IS in the full URL sent with the page request).

Thank you in advance!


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Accepted Solutions (1)




the objectID variable is used to differentiate links on the same page that may otherwise be bucketed together. For example, if you have a link to your homepage at both the top and the bottom, sometimes there isn't an easy way to differentiate the two. Setting the objectID variable lets you group your links however you'd like.

Unfortunately this variable isn't available in reporting, since it is generally used to properly bucket data.

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Dear Floriana,

By Default, Activity Map Context Variables are report under Activity Map Report.

But not sure whether we can access the Click Map Context Variables directly in Reporting.

Can you check the Processing Rules for the same? You should be receiving Click Map Context Variables in the form of a.clickmap.Value. If yes, you can store it in Traffic or Conversion Variables to use.

Test in Development Suite and if results are as you expected, you can copy it to Production.

Thank You!