How to measure Return visit rate for the specific pages or section(group of pages)




I have questions regarding return visit rate.

In my understanding, the way Adobe Analytics measures Return visits or No of returned visitor is based on whether the user has visited before to the any pages in a website or not.

So I just wonder if it is possible to measure the return visit rate in following way.

  1. The concept of return we would like to apply is just for the specific page or section(group of pages).

So if the visitor has visited the website in the past, but he/she didn't visit a specific page before, then when the user visits to the specific page for his/her first time, we would like to count that visit as a first visits.

  1. Is it possible to measure the first or return visit for specific page or section(folder contains certain group of pages in the website) with this concept of return we would like to apply?, If possible, could you explain me how to measure it with detailed explanation?

  2. Could we measure the above by only just applying the segment(hit or visit container) for categorizing or sorting specific pages or section?

Thank you for your reply in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You could build a VISITOR segment, adding 2 VISIT containers into it, and then create a THEN condition between the 2, with the condition that it (the 2nd container) has to be AFTER 1 VISIT.

In each container, you put your specific page or site section in, that the user has to return to. Then you have a segment for returning visitors to a specific segment.

Just keep in mind that your segment only looks a visitors who fulfilled the criteria within your reporting period, so you possible want to extend that... Alternatively, you could add a time-dimension to the top of the segment saying 'Last 24 months' or so... 


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I have the same question. We have a rather lagre site, divided into different "subsites" and it is important for us to see how the different parts perform when it comes to returning.