How to make the header metric number work?

lilyz10577351 29-01-2018


I'm in Adobe analytics workspace, and I have a project pulling in the metrics for visits, etc.  The header number for metrics (like visits)works for number aggregation on line items, however it didn't seem to work for percentage aggregation.  Like for consumption rate, the header number is just a pure sum of all consumption rate, which should not be the case, instead it should take the formula of consumption rate, on the total numbers to come up a percentage.  Do you know how could I get that fixed?  Please see below the snapshot.  There are 47 lines so I didn't get to capture all of them.

Thank you so much for your help!



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Lily,

It should be working correctly, not sure why it didn't.

Since it is Rate, can you change the number format from 'Decimal' to 'Percentage' in calculated metrics and check?

Thank You!


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