How to make Report Suite ID inactive?




I have one quick clarification regarding report suite ID inactive.

My Expectation:

  1. I want to make sure this particular report suite ID should be deactivate but not delete permanently.
  2. This report suite contains only the existing data but it should not tracked the new data from the date of deactivate.
  3. Suppose if someone use our existing report suite id in any websites for tracking mechanism, that should not be tracked and send the server call data to deactivated report suite ID.

Can you please help me to explain the above queries.


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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi VijayaKumar, 

Welcome to the Analytics Community and thanks for your question.

Report suites once created cannot be permanently deleted.

1. Sure you can do that. There is an option to Hide report suites

2. Hidden report suites continue to collect data and be billed. To stop data collection you would have to remove the Report Suite ID from the Site implementation.

3. Hidden report suites are not available in the options to select further, so new implementations will not be able to use that report suite. 

Details on how to hide report suite -


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Answers (1)



Hi Vijayakumar -

There is no option to delete any report suite once created. You can hide report suite using the below steps:

To hide the report suite, go to Analytics > Admin > Company Settings. Check the Hidden checkbox to the left of the report suite name.

To unhide the report suite, uncheck the Hidden checkbox.

To view only hidden report suites under Company Settings, select View > Only Hidden Report Suites.

To view only visible report suites, select View > Only Visible Report Suites.

The default is View > All.

Data that is sent to a hidden report suite from your site continues to be collected, processes, and billed. In other words, a report suite is never fully deleted.

Hope this helps.