How to know how many times my images are sourced on other websites?



Analytics communities,

I have a question. I now think it's not possible.

But if my websites images are sourced on other web sites using the img tag like <lmg src="">

and my website has adobe library but the other web site does not.

Then, is there any way to capture how many times my websites' images are used on other websites?

I hope you guys have answers.

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Adobe Analytics is not able to directly record this sort of thing. Firstly, Adobe Analytics can only record data on a website it is implemented on.  So if some other web site does not have your Adobe Analytics code implemented on it, then you cannot get data for that website. However, in general, on a given website where you do have your Adobe Analytics code implemented, you can write some custom javascript code to scrape a given page for images pointing to "", sure. 

But it sounds like that's not really relevant to you.  Sounds like what you're really asking for is to see what other sites out there are hotlinking your images.  The only way to know if other sites are linking images hosted on your site is by looking at your server logs. 

You can (if you want...) write a server-side script to parse your server logs for image requests from other domains/ip addresses and then push that data to Adobe Analytics (either via offline data integration or data insertion api).

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