How to implement adobe analytics for a JSP Page?



I'm very new to analytics and I'm trying to implement adobe analytics for my web page, to keep track the user ID of the user who have downloaded assets (images,videos etc) on my page.

Can anyone help me with the step by step process that I need to  follow in order to achieve this?

PS: I have an adobe analytics account but not sure if I have necessary permissions. It would be really helpful if you could also tell me what kind of access should I be having in adobe analytics in order to complete this task.

Many Thanks.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear SRK,

I suppose JSP is same as SPA : Angular JS or Redux.

Check out the link : Using Launch by Adobe to Implement Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager in Single Page Applicatio...

It has everything related to Adobe Analytics Implementation. If you are using DTM or Launch, the implementation is much easier than direct one.

Get the admin access for Adobe Analytics / DTM / Launch, that's more than enough.

Thank You


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