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This is related to another of my post, but I think that may too long to read, so may I open another thread here:

I am using "Fallout" in Workspace, tried to Breakthrough between 2 checkpoints. (OPWhat does "Breakthrough Fallout/Fallthrough" exactly mean? )

The question is:

How to get the "Next Page" from "Search Page" directly?

Which means:

If a user click "search" button and get the result on "search page".

We want to know:

Where user goes - if s/he clicked one link and to FAQ page directly?

Where user goes - if s/he didn't click any one link to FAQ page on the next hit?

Is it possible to show the squence as well?

Take this as example:

Visit 1: Home > Support > Search > Exit

Visit 2: Home > Support > Search > Product > HT000001

Visit 3: Support > Search > HT000002

Visit 4: Support > Search > Home > Product

Visit 5: Support > Search > HT000003 > Product > Search > HT000004

Visit 6: Product > HT000005 > Search > HT000006

Expected Result: Fallthrough from Search Page to FAQ Pages

1 Hit after search:

     Product (in visit 2, since it's eventually to HT000001)

     HT000002 (Visit 3)

     HT000003 (Visit 5)

     HT000004 (Visit 5)

     HT000006 (Visit 6)

2 Hits after search:

     HT000001 (Visit 2)

     Product (Visit 5)

Expected Result to Fallout:

1 Hit after search:

     Exit (Visit 1)

     Home (Visit 4)

2 Hits after search:

     Product (Visit 4)

If it's not by sequence, will be fine too, but is it possible & how can I get the result please?



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Accepted Solutions (1)





I wanted to check if you've had a chance to check our Flow visualization in Workspace. It can show the path taken by the users with Visits or Visitor constraint; you may want to drop "Search Page" in the middle section and it will show you the flow/path taken.

Can you please check?


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Answers (1)



Hi ishans9314858,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I understand "Flow" can show the user path.

But what we want is trying to get a table, so that we can group some types of page together, to see what "Type" of the page user most click if s/he didn't reach the next checkpoint.

But it seems to me flow is a visual-friendly way to see user path in smaller size of pages.

There are more than 500K pages, user may go to any of them, so, it's not able to click times and times in FLOW to open 5 more pages/time.


If the table/data behind the "flow" can be exported, will be great.