How to find trends in revenue associated with a specific URL?



Hello.  I work at an eCommerce company, and I am trying to locate a report in Adobe that will tell me how much revenue is associated with a particular URL.  

Ex:  Think of category pages.  How can I compare revenue associated with say the Shoes category page with revenue from the Pants category page, and ideally look at these over time.

By associated with a particular page, I am asking about customers who landed on that page and then made a purchase. Clearly this would be directional and I assume there would be some revenue attribution applied.

My guess is that this report exists, or can be configured readily, but I am pretty new to Adobe and cannot find a report that contains the above, or similar.

Any suggestions  you have would be appreciated.



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Hi Kirk

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You are right, there is a revenue attribution that can be configured to get the data you described. You would have to make use conversion variables (eVar). When a success event is completed (like purchase), the credit for that success is given to any Conversion Variables that are persistent on the visitor. You can check if these eVar are already implemented on your website or not. If they are, all you have to do is create segments and add them in a freeform table to compare Shoes Vs Pants. 

More information about conversion reports -

More information about conversion variables -

I hope this helps. 

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