How to exclude weekends from alerts?

vickyg28253246 26-02-2019

I have seen this question dated back to 2015, and at the time the answer was "you can't".

I am hoping now with the intelligent alerts we can.

I tried to use the "Weekday/weekend" dimension, but not quite sure it works. Is there an obvious solution I am missing?

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


still "no".... sorry.

what I have done is a "workaround" with a calculated metric and a segment for only "weekday" traffic.

it looks something like this:

{if (segment: weekday => "occurencies") greater than  (static number: "0") then [your-metric] else (static number: "0"}

the calculated metric will only return [your-metric] for weekdays, weekends are always 0. this is just to hope that the anomality detection will recognise the 0 as "no anomality" and therefore do not send an alert on weekends...

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

vickyg28253246 26-02-2019

Thanks Ursboller,

Makes sense logically. I actually do see a dimension "Weekday/Weekend" which has 2 values: "weekend" and "weekday".

If I apply "weekday" as a segment, it automatically updates any metric for the weekend to 0.

I have implemented this segment as a filter for my traffic change alert and am waiting to see if I get an alert this weekend.