How to exclude "unspecified" data from Adobe Analytics Reports

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None, Unspecified, Unknown, and Other in reporting

Various reports in the Adobe Marketing Cloud can show None, Unspecified, Other, or Unknown, depending on the specific report viewed. Generally, this breakdown means that the variable was not defined or otherwise unavailable. The following provides a comprehensive list of how each report can have one of these line items.

"None" in reporting

This breakdown is one of the most common seen in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Some explanations why these values appear in reporting:

  • A conversion event fires without a conversion variable: For example, a user comes to your site and makes a purchase without firing eVar1. If you view orders in the eVar1 report, there is no value to attribute this order to. Therefore, it is automatically attributed to "None." To resolve this issue in future reports, always define a conversion variable before a conversion event.
  • Non-mobile hits in mobile reports: Any non-mobile hits in mobile reports are listed as 'None'.
  • Mobile hits in technology reports: Similarly to non-mobile hits in mobile reports, mobile hits in all Visitor Profile | Technology reports are listed as 'none'. The mobile technology reports and Visitor profile technology reports are mutually exclusive.
  • Merchandising eVars that do not fire at or before a conversion event: Similar to events firing without eVars, it is possible to see None in a Merchandising eVar report when that variable is not defined before a success event. Furthermore, you can see more than 100% of a conversion event attributed to "None" if a user purchases multiple products at once.

Go through this adobe documentation here:, Unspecified, Unknown, and Other in reporting

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Answers (5)



I have the same problem in Workspace.

When using a prop or evar which is not present in every page (e.g. product name) and therefore has unspecified values,

I can filter out the unspecified in the table format (and the grand total adjusts)



when I create a line chart the unspecified values are not filtered out and although I am supposed to see 0 for some days I see the total number of visits/pageviews including the unspecified values

Is there any way to filter out unspecified in the charts as well ?



Hi Hyderziaee,

Can you please give me an example. I was tried by using the filter contains '*' from one of the report in adobe analytics (Not Workspace).

But its seems to be not working for me .

Thanks for your suggestion,