How to deal with 30 days conversion window when importing data from Google Ads to Adobe Analytics




We plan to export data from Google Ads (pay-per-click account) and import it in Adobe Analytics. Already found the documentation and the steps to be followed.

Still, we don't know how to deal with 30 days conversion window (period of time after a customer clicks your ad during which a conversion is recorded in Google Ads).

Adobe says offline data imported through Data Sources will not be overwritten, meaning:

  • eg. on 10/01 export I will have 10 conversions for 1/01
  • and on 11/01 export I can have 15 conversions on 1/01 (because of conversion window, so data could still be updating in Google Ads from one day to another with historcial data) for 1/01 I will see 15 conversions or 15+10=25 conversions.

We are curious if there are others with this problem and how did you manage to deal with it?

Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi catalinmartin,

You will see a sum of uploaded data.

If you want to see 15 instead of 25 following the described scenario, your export/import script should upload the changes (new data) rather than totals to date.

Let me know if that helps.