How to create segment for Paid Traffic?



Hi Folks,

I am looking to create campaign segments for Paid Traffic - broken into paid campaign facebook + paid email campaigns + paid instagram campaign + display campaign and was wondering how to go about doing this.

I was thinking of setting this up using

Paid Search equals Paid


Container :HIT
referring domain contains

i am a bit confused with Hit and Visits, which attirbutes should be used with referring domain?

i couldn't find a guide doc to setting up campaign segment and thought .I should reach out to the community for a set of steps and instructions on how to set up my campaign segment correctly.

Would like to set one up for Organic traffic as well - Organic+direct+referral/bookmarked.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Keemac

I think before you create a segment you should use classification rule builder. If you want to create one segment which includes all these classification paid campaign facebook + paid email campaigns + paid instagram campaign + display campaign , u Please try below given inputs.

1- If you are using any paid segment you should use always tracking code option because all the campaign can differentiate only with tracking code.

2- Always try to use classification rule builder and you can use below given video link for your reference.

3-  For now you can use first touch channel and all tracking code used for all the sub classified campaigns and always try to use hit because this will provide you exact pageview level data.



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Answers (1)




Such segment won't give you anything, as Facebook isn't considered a search engine by Adobe Analytics.

I guess you are adding a tracking code to all your paid activities, and should they use that (Tracking Code/s.campaign) in your segmentation instead... It is good practice to create a tracking code syntax, that also includes the media/type...

Don't you uses tracking codes, and if you do, why don't you use them?