How to create segment for Paid Traffic?



Hi Folks,

I am looking to create campaign segments for Paid Traffic - broken into paid campaign facebook + paid email campaigns + paid instagram campaign + display campaign and was wondering how to go about doing this.

I was thinking of setting this up using

Paid Search equals Paid


Container :HIT
referring domain contains

i am a bit confused with Hit and Visits, which attirbutes should be used with referring domain?

i couldn't find a guide doc to setting up campaign segment and thought .I should reach out to the community for a set of steps and instructions on how to set up my campaign segment correctly.

Would like to set one up for Organic traffic as well - Organic+direct+referral/bookmarked.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Hi KeeMac,

I will suggest you should go with the Visit container rather then as HIT . As most of the time specially when we talk about Paid search it set for a visit rather then for a hit . Moreover it also depends on which report you are applying to get the result . 



Karandeep Singh