How to create group and assign the report suite to the same group - in admin console

jayakrishnaap 15-05-2018


We have just started to explore the admin console. So, we are just wondering how to create the group and assign the report suite to the same group in admin console.

It would be good if some one assist me on this section.

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Suhail_Parkar 15-05-2018

Hi Jay,

Please follow the below steps.

Go to Admin > User Management > Groups > Add New User Group > add available report suite which you want to add in the group you want to create. > report access > Select users which you want to add in this group > Save Group.

Hope it Helps.



Add New User Group

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

jayakrishnaap 19-07-2018

Go to admin console and add new profile then go to permission, assign the single mentioned report suite which you want.

Groups are nothing, it is profile in the admin console. Just go their and you might find more option.

pascalr41640180 18-07-2018

Hey @jayakrishnaap,

would you explain the way you did it?

I have migrated the user I want to assign a single report suite and added him to a group in the admin console. I just found out how to assign products to him (the group) but not on report suite level.

How did you do it?