How to create a segment for tracking a specific scenario (more details below)?



I want to find out the visits for this scenario. Is there a way to build segment for this scenario?

Visitor visiting URL A then visiting URL B (and URL B should not equal to URL A)

Both URL A and URL B are dynamic.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




I don‘t know what you mean by indicating URL A or B as dynamic. Do you really care about specific pages?

If not - following gives you all visits where the user visited at least 2 different sites:

“visit“ segment with condition „visit depth is greater than 1“

(see here about what increases visit depth: Hit Depth )

But be careful: the segment will not look at any segments you have applied to filter your data! that means, it also includes visits that had 1 page view outside of a desired website-section and only one within since visit depth is equal on all hits within a visit (in this case at least 2 and thus matching your segment definition)

another solution might be to create a „visit“-segment where you exclude

a) all visits with „page views“ = 1

b) all visits with „page views“ = 2 and „reload“ does not exist

havent tested this idea and don‘t know if you can use „reloads“ in a segment...