How to connect Omniture's Datawarehouse with CIS Studio using REST API Call



Hi I am trying to integrate Adobe Analytics with CIS Platform (Data Virtualization Platform by CISCO). The Platform provides option to configure a REST API CALL to Adobe Analytics. How ever I am unable to integrate the same.

I do have username and a shared secret and while using the same to check via Postman I am unable to access the API's .

Are there any dependency or settings that need to be done before I start?

Currently I am trying to access the API via ( ) but I am getting the response as below :


    "errors": [

        "You are not authorized to use this API."



Please Help !

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Are you trying to get data warehouse reports or regular report information from Analytics? If so, you should use the reporting API ( ). In order to have permissions to access the API, your user must be in a group that has 'Web Service Access'.