How to change rows displayed for all dimension rows



In a workspace project, I have a freeform table with many rows of the first dimension and one metric. I would like to breakdown all of the first dimension rows by a second dimension. I would like to then change the number of second dimension rows that display for each first dimension. How can I do this?

See screenshot - I'd like to change all the circled row numbers at once, either by changing the default for the table, or configuring them all at once.

second dimension rows.PNG

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Accepted Solutions (1)




currently, it is not possible to change all breakdowns together. I believe that Adobe is working on something similar, but haven't heard of a specific function nor a release date. if there isn't an idea about this, best raise one here in the forum

what you can try: change settings for the first breakdown, CTRL+drag&drop breakdown to the other items. maybe it keeps the selected breakdown numbers... never tried it, but worth to check

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