How to calculate Bounces and Bounce rate from data Feed (clickstream data)



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With data feeds, one is required to calculate certain metrics (like visits, visitors and page views) that this document outlines: Calculating Metrics

But how would one use the data feed columns to calculate Bounces and then Bounce rate?


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Bounces are defined as the number of visits with a single image request (or single hit). Custom links are included, meaning if a visit contains 1 page view and 1 custom link call, it won't be considered a bounce.

So, basically, any visits that have only one hit or one line can be considered as bounces.

You can consider the following columns:

visit_num - tells the visit number

visit_page_num - tell the page number of the visit (filter this column for 1)

page_event - tells the custom link calls - (filter to only include 0 - that is normal page view)

Lookout for visits in the data feed and that should give you Bounces.

Hope this helps!

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