How 'Mobile Carrier' dimension works and what represents none in the breakdown?



I have been trying to use Adobe Out-of-the-Box metrics for Analytics. One of them is 'Mobile Carrier' that helps to identify visitors profile using mobile devices to visit the site. However, when used it the dataset showed breakdown that consists of 'None' segment in it. Wondering what this 'none' segment is representing since it shows a significant number of viaitors in it.

Would appriciate if someone can explain how the 'Mobile Carrier' works?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi niaza86813525​,

While running the "Mobile Carrier" reports with "Visitors" metrics, "None" represents all those visitors for whom "Mobile Carrier" information was not available. All such visitors will be categorized under "None"  while running the report.

Adobe maintains a known range of IP addresses that belong to mobile carriers. When a hit is received from an IP range that belongs to a known mobile carrier, the hit appears as "Mobile Carrier" on the Connection Type Report. Otherwise, mobile traffic is listed under "Lan/Wifi".

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