How many days data is send to the Experience Cloud Audience Services platform from Analytics?

adarshs7416688 18-11-2018

Hi Team,

I have query on "Select the window for audience creation:"  in Analytics.

1) Once segment is shared from Analytics, how many days data it will send to AAM, is it 90 Days or 120 Days or user preference.

2) I want to know how many days maximum data can I sent to destination(eg: Google) through AAM and source of the segment is analytics.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

rameshk28785 19-11-2018

Hi Adarsh,

Not sure about Google, but in Adobe Analytics, the window selection will be used to create the audience on a rolling basis. For example, "Last 120 days" will include visitors that have qualified for the audience over the last 120 days from today's date, not the initial segment creation date.