How identify external or paid traffic sources?



We have two questions:

1. Right now we have enabled a parameter to identify paid search.
This parameter is: banner_s, so the URL for the paid search must contain banner_s as query string parameter<searchkeyword>
But we have a question, how to enable the last part (<searchkeyword>)?
We must generate a URL for each keyword or Omniture identifies what keyword is?
For example, when a user search on Google "restaurant" Omniture identifies "restaurant" as keyword on report or we have to create an Destination URL, and with each. 

2. Also we want identify other traffic sources like Display, Banner, Email, SocialMedia, we have a guide "Campaign tracking" where tracking methodology has six parts to build a parameter: "Therefore the QSP would look like – cc=country:channel:campaign:agency:link1:link2" . Do we have to set the cc parameter from Omniture account? or we can to work without settings from Omniture?

If anyone can help us or even have a call we appreciate it

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



HI Jennifer

1. For Google Adwords:

Google can pass through the keyword and matchtype. So within Google Adwords (or your SEM interface) you would set up the landing page to be E.g.<matchtype>&keyword=<searchkeyword>

I am not sure if you have the option to change the default parameter in google, which is keyword.

You can then set up Analytics to capture the <searchkeyword>

2. There are two options and I'd recommend both:

a. USe SAINT classifications to classify your campaign codes into channels. Info here:

b. Use Set up the Marketing Channels reports to differentiate between the traffic. Info here:

Let me know how you go, or if you need any more info