How does adobe process multiple segments appended to workspace



Hi, I was wondering how AA processes data whenever there's multiple segments (of varying container logic - visit & hit level) appended to a specific workspace. Consider this scenario with 3 visits below:

segments applied

-visit level (include) | page = home

-hit level (include) | page = winter boots

1 -  [ [home page] [winter boots] [about us] [contact us] ] 

2 - [ [winter boots] [about us] [press releases] ]

3-  [home page] [about us] ]


does AA technically always go through the largest hierarchical segments first then to the most granular (process visitor level based, visit level, then hit level segments) I'd assume this is the case? I ask because if it goes from hit level then to visit wouldnt this happen?...include the 2 'winter boots' hits (in visit 1 & 2) from the above since they meet hit level criteria, so now only 2 hits are in the dataset, then apply visit level segment that looks to see if the remaining visits,1& 2, have a hit with home page in them... now only visit 1 would meet this segment this point, will AA in this type of scenario ever include all the hits in visit 1 (4 total)? if it goes from largest to smallest in terms of outermost container logic, visit level then to hit level, this processing makes more sense... include all visit data for visits 1 & 3 since they have home page within them, then only select the hits where 'page = winter boots' , so visit 1 ( hit #2). just curious how this sort of processing works since i couldn't find very specific articles in the help section on this.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



If you stack or add multiple segments it will essentially behave like the cross section of a Venn Diagram.
So if you stacked the two segments below, it would only return hits to the winter boots page, that occurred in visits in which users also viewed the home page.
Only the first visit would be included if those segments are stacked, but it will only return values set with the winter boots hit.

This references segment stacking:

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