How does Adobe Analytics count page views and bounces?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

roshang 28-05-2019

Below you can see that how Adobe analytics counts page views and bounces:-

Page Views:- A trended report that displays the number of times your website pages were viewed for the selected time period (hour, day, week, month, quarter, or year). This report allows you to track page views for each page on your site, as well as an aggregate of page views for your entire site.

Bounces:- Bounces are defined as the number of visits to your site that contain a single image request. Custom links are included, meaning if a visit consists of a page view and a custom link, that visit is not considered a bounce.

May this helps

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Answers (3)


I'm simplifying a bit here, but hopefully this helps....

From a coding perspective, there are two primary ways to send in data to Adobe Analytics.  In javascript, those two methods are:

  • s.t() - page view
  • - link call

Those methods determine the "page event" of the hit, which are further defined here:  Page Event Lookup .  Any hit with a page event of 0 is considered a page view.

Bounces are determined during processing as Adobe Analytics evaluates all hits of a particular visit.

leiw71594712 28-05-2019

Thank you very much, Roshang.

Sorry, My previous question was not clear enough.

In fact, what I asked is how to make statistics technically, that is, what code or event is sent to let AA background know that this is a pv and this is a single-page visit when there is only one pv.

Thank you again :)