How do you refresh Segment form control to show newly created segments?



I have a very powerful dashboard that our users love.  They love it so much that more and more folks are asking to use it.  The dashboard has a hidden sheet with all the variables my dashboard needs, including a Segment selector, which is a drop down form control.  I have created new segments for the new users, but the Segment drop down form control doesn't refresh.  I know that I can remove the form control and re-add it, and that will show all current segments.  Is there a way to 'force-refresh' the Segment form control?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Kathryn.

The segment selector doesn't have a refresh option, since it is intended that the user wants to limit the shown segments to a few selected ones. If you want to add/remove more segments from the selector, you do not need to remove and re-add it. You can right-click on the selector and click "Report Builder Properties". This should give you a popup with the ability to select the segments you need.


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