How do visits in funnel report with filters get calculated?



Hi all,

We are struggling with understanding the funnel reports of our checkout process. Our situation is as follows:
- There are 4 steps in the funnel (4th = thank you page).
- On the first step visititors decide which of our fews products they want to buy, i.e. on the second step Adobe Analytics "knows" the product. It's saved in evar44.
- In order to look at the funnel by product, we use evar44 as a filter. See attached screenshot.
- Events are searialized by user id.

My question: How is the number of visits calculated then? One would expect that the number of visits equals "all visits that LATER got assigned evar44={name of product}."

But that doesn't seem to be the case. The number of visits is obviously too low. There can't be more view of step 1 than visits.

Thanks for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Julian, 

This does seem odd. I am unable to think of a scenario where the funnel will show a greater value in the second step. Can you share more information. If not, I would recommend reaching out via your supported user to ClientCare, and they should be able to answer in detail.


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Answers (1)



Hi Hyder,

Thanks for your reply! You asked me to share more information. Is there anything specific you can think of that might help to solve this riddle? I couldn't think of anything that I haven't already posted above.

I just checked the funnel without the filter. Everything seems to work. I guess that's the problem here.