How do I use different segments with a duplicated reportlet in the dashboard?

BustedKnuckles 22-12-2016

I am trying to use two of the same reportlet but each with a different segment for separate websites. However, when I change the segment at the reportlet level for one, the other changes too. Same for when I change the names of the reporlets - changing one changes the other. It seems the dashboard feature won't let me use different segments nor names for the same copied reportlet. What am I doing wrong? Any help will insure your name on Santa's nice list.

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Saurabh_Kumar1 23-12-2016

The solution would be to add your same report Twice from "Reports" to "Dashboard Contents" (within Dashboard). Then within the dashboard drag & drop those two reportlets on Page & you should be modify the name or segmentation individually for the reportlets.

Hope this helps..


Saurabh Kumar.