How do I limit user access to Customer Attributes data in Analytics?



I can't seem to locate a way of limiting the access to our Customer Attributes to admins only in Adobe Analytics. Within the Admin console of the Experience Cloud, I have the users minimized to Admins only, but I can still see the data in our general non-admin user accounts.

I have also consulted the Customize Menus and User Management options in Analytics Admin Console to see if I could potentially limit access to attributes in that way, but Customize Menus limits the attributes for ALL users and the option for Customer Attributes in group access configuration does not seem to exist.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



It is possible to do in Adobe Analytics. Please go ahead and create the virtual report suite with the particular segmentation which you would like to share with the non -admin users. Once you have created the virtual report suite then go ahead and give them access to the same. Therefore, they can able to visible only the particular part which you like to show to them accordingly.

Adobe Analytics - Components  -Virtual Report Suite

Note - only ADMIN can able to create and give the access to virtual report suite.

Hope, This would be helpful for you to limit other access.