How do I get the participating values for a conversion?




I'd like to know the participation of referrers for a conversion event. As a standard I always see the last touch referrer for the event, I know I can create reports with first touch. But how can I create a funnel to show me what referrer values were participating in the journey and in what order? Basically like the conversion paths in google analytics.

Any ideas?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Alessandro,

In Adobe, Participation metrics are primarily used with Traffic Variables (sProps), not Conversion Variables (eVars).

Take a look on the blog : Participation [Inside Omniture SiteCatalyst] | Adobe Blog

Answer of your above question lies in Attribution Model. Check out the link : Deeper Attribution Modeling with Adobe Analytics | Analytics Blog

Adobe introduced Attribution IQ in Adobe Analytics Cloud earlier and guess you should use this for your requirement. Reference : Use Attribution IQ in Analysis Workspace

The above links will help you!

Thank You