How do I filter by values in Workspace?

andyb29407885 02-07-2019

Hey all,

I'm trying to figure out how to filter out all rows with visits under 1,200. I work in news media and I'm only looking for stories that saw under 1,200 visits.

I tried to create a segment to exclude values under 1,200, but the logic just doesn't work out.

Is there any way I can filter by values?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Balaji_V 02-07-2019

Hi Andy,

Can be done in Calculated metrics using logical function



The result of the Calculated Metrics will list out the visits which have less than 1,200 visits.



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Answers (3)


Dear Andy,

Agree with Bala. Creating Visits > 1200 Segment with Hit or Visit container wont work because Hit is smaller container than Visit and Visit cannot be more than 1200 in a Visit i.e. Always 1. So it will work only for Visitor Container where there are less chances that a visitor would have more than 1200 visits in your selected period and tougher to apply it for dimensions.

So you need to create a calculated metrics like above and use the calculated metrics against the dimension you need to apply. This will eliminate all the visits lesser than 1200 (Because Visits < 1200 will become 0). A trick to use!

Thank You!


andyb29407885 29-07-2019

Hey Balaji,

Wondering if you can help me develop this calculated metric even further - I'm trying to figure out how to filter out all rows with visits under 1,200 AND visits above 300 visits. I'm trying to write a nested if/then with both functions, but just can't figure it out.