How do I create a pages report that includes each webpage URL?




I created a Pages report that reported on the metric pageviews for a select group of pages on my website. I saved this report as a report, and as a bookmark.

However, to make this report truly usable, I would like to be able to download the URLs for each page. Right now, I can only download the page title. Is there an easy way to do this? Since the URL creates a live link in the initial results when I run the report, I know the URL is listed somewhere in the data set.

The URLs that appear in the Pages report [underneath the page titles] are sometimes truncated. Thus, when I click on them, I get a dead URL link. Somewhere, the URLs are getting cut off. Since Adobe Analytics is gathering data for these pages, I assume that the complete URL is being analyzed. It there a setting somewhere that I can change so that I get the complete URL in my Pages report? The dead URL links annoy my user group.

Can anyone help?



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If you wanted to do an adhoc review of your pagenames and the urls they correspond to you can get this info via datawarehouse just add the dimensions


Page URL

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Dear Christine,

Page URL is not a default report in Adobe like Page Name.

But, Page URL will be captured by the Adobe at its backend but not stored in any variable. If you need to store it in a custom variable you can use Processing Rules ( Marketing Cloud Help ) to store it in c1-c75. Then you can co-relate Page Name with Page URL for analysis.

Note : Make Sure that you are not using Query String Parameters in the URLs, if so, you need to customize the Base SC code to capture URL and avoid duplication.

Also, while storing please store Page URL in both Traffic (c1-c75) and Conversion (v1-v100) variable. This is because, traffic variable has the character limit of 100 Bytes and any character exceeding the same will be truncated (As you mentioned above). Conversion variable has the character limit of 255.

Thank You!