How do hit level containers work when creating segments in adobe analytics?




We are trying to create a Hit Level container to segment traffic based on Page URL.

We had a question, as to whether creating a Hit Level segment with Page URL (captured in evar1) as a condition would work effectively when filtering an event where the Page URL is not captured in evar while firing event tracking server call.

E.g. -

Segment Condition : Page URL (evar1) contains 'xyz'

Event: Form Submit on Page 'xyz' (Form Submit hit image request fired but Page URL not captured in evar1)

Thanks in Advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Would you be able to confirm the persistence and allocation settings for your eVar?  That would dictate the validity of your segment.Conversion Variables (eVar)

If the persistence is visit and allocation is most recent, then yes your segment should work.  If persistence is hit then it would not work.

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Answers (1)



If you are trying to get the total number of submits happened on a specific URL, where event is being captured, but page URL is not captured, just get the event summary number in the workspace. I don't see a need of segment here.

However, if the requirement is different, please share more details.