How can you change seconds to hours/minutes in Adobe Analytics?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Thank you for the correction Chris, but actually now that I'm revisiting this, I don't think a static multiplier needs to be added at all.

Creating a calculated metric that simply takes the time in seconds and converts it into time format fully resolves and time interpretation issue - no raw seconds, and no decimal minutes:

The calculated metric automatically converts the raw number of seconds into hours/minutes/seconds. No multiplication or division required. The trick is to make sure you're using the 'Time' format,

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Answers (3)


Hi Jeremy, which report are you referring to?

If it's something like time spent reports, you can use calculated metrics to get what you're looking for. Basically create a new calculated metric that is [time in seconds] * 60.

christine-b 26-01-2018


well [time in seconds] * 60 it not accurate. it should be time in seconds / 60 and event there the decimal is not correct as the report will show time as 1mn 75 seconds and not convert the time after the decimal in minutes.

It would be nice if we could have a better view on this in HH:MM:SS

even in the calculated metrics turning the value in time rounds up or down to minute.

and there can be a huge difference when the time is rounded iup


1m01s is rounded to 1mn

1m31s is rounded to 2mn

for sites with few seconds spent on site it is a huge difference.



christine-b 28-01-2018

Hi Gigazelle

Of course now looking at it, calculation is not needed.

It's working wonders! and now my report just looks perfect.

Thanks a lot for looking into it