How can we get the Measures (such as Page views/visits) along with metrics in report builder while creating a request



Hi Team,

I have observed that while creating any request in report builder, the measures which we are present in Analysis work space (like Page views/visits) is not shown/accessible inside report builder along with the Metrics. And so I am calculating the measure by using the page views and visits data dynamically in the report.

Can anyone please help me with an idea that how can we able to get the measures values in report builder as like metrics while creating a request in excel?

Thanks in advance!

Sundhara Vadivu M.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Sundhara,

I hope you are asking for Calculated Metrics.

Calculated Metrics are available in Report Builder : Below the screen grab.


If you didn't find one, then you should create it in Calculated Metric : Experience Cloud Help .

Thank You


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