How can validate my email for contact to customer care?




I'm trying to contact with custom care, but my email address is not valid for email petitions, but I can acces to my Omniture account.

If I go to : Omniture > Help > Custom Care.

I get a link for forum not for custom care.

Any ideas?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Alex,

You need to be a supported user to be able to contact ClientCare. For Security purposes, the your organization authorizes specific users to contact the ClientCare directly.

You can inquire within your company who the supported user is. A supported user has the ability to setup another user a supported user or remove one. if you are not sure if there is any supported user, you can contact your Adobe Account Manager and he/she can provide the information or guide you about it. 

Once you are supported, you can contact client care through the chat option, call them directly, or email to

Hope this helps.

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