How can I remove page refreshes from Ad Hoc next page flow analysis?



I'm trying to figure out how my users move between articles on my page using the next page flow analysis on page category level. The idea is to find out how many articles does a visitor read depending on the first article category (and see the exit % after each new article load). Advertising is paid per view, so knowing on how many actual page views does the initial category selection on home page result in is what I'm interested in. 


In Ad Hoc, departing from "Homepage" we get for example something like this (count repeat instances: on):

- Exited Site (20 %)

- Homepage (60 %)

- Banana - category (10 %)

- Phone - category (10%)

As you can see, it counts the homepage refreshes as a navigation. This results in me not knowing what is the actual percentage of people that navigate to either "Banana" or "Phone" -category articles, without going through the "homepage" category for so many levels and recording all the navigations to "Banana" and "Phone" along the way until the number of page views is insignificant enough. 

If I then use "Count repeat instances: off", I get rid of the "home page" reload problem, but it doesn't differentiate between page refreshes and navigating to another article within the same category. I wont know how many articles deep does a visitor go within a article category or what is the total page views on that category. 


Is there any solution to disregard just the same page reloads?

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