How can I persist the evar value till next occurrence( not current) of custom event

Ramachandran_K 30-10-2019

How can I preserve or persist the evar1 value till next occurrence( not current) of custom event ? To iterate in example

Event 1 – Page view ( custom event 1)

Event 2 – click 1  (custom event 2)

Event 3 – click 2   (custom event 2)

Event 4 – Page view ( custom event 1)

I need to preserve page attributes(optional value) say evar1 for click action. Setting Hit scope would expire after event 1 , Visit scope will preserve value until reset or till end of session .

What the best practice to persists the evar1 which is set at event 1 till start of event 4 ?

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fsakjlfdsakljfd 30-10-2019

If you use 'Most Recent' allocation, with 'visit' persistence  you'd be able to achieve this, so long as you always set the eVar at the same time as the custom event. In your sample above it would be of trivial effort to pass the pageName into an eVar to achieve that.Conversion Variables (eVar)

pabloc82923542 30-10-2019

I think there might be a much easier way to get you what you need.

All events of click interaction are tied to page(pagename)

What if you took pagename variable, then associated via SAINT, things like Page type, Page vertical, Page Title. One upload and done. (depending on change or additions you just then reupload when needed.)

Then turn on Actviity map. Now you can get all sorts of visits based report for every page (group of pages) you can then look at page level click engagements again per page or group of pages. Segments can be either hit based or visit based as page is key element.

This method will allow for much more dynamic correlations based on extra breakdowns you have listed.

Ramachandran_K 31-10-2019

'Most Recent' allocation, with 'visit' persistence is what we have as of right now . Along side we do have another evar with hit scope . But challenge here is that interested attribute is optional for few scenarios so for those scenarios it takes previously set value which is inappropriate .

'Most Recent' allocation, with 'visit' persistence and setting empty value for non-applicable  scenarios could be good try but setting empty value for evar would take empty or previous set value ?

Ramachandran_K 31-10-2019

Thanks for suggestion ..We explored on SAINT classification but solution is not possible with our specification ( Page Name is just an example ) or required attribute . Attribute what we are looking to persist cannot be derived from other attribute

Ramachandran_K 30-10-2019

We would like to keep some of page attributes like Page Type , page vertical , Title for ‘on page’ click events . Unfortunately click events don’t have access to some of page attributes .

Basically, we are looking for option to set evar expiry till next page load

pabloc82923542 30-10-2019

I am curious what is context for the Custom chains of event? I am curious the business objective. Maybe gives an idea to a different solution.