How can I extract a sample of visitor level data for download? I want to do clickstream analysis




I am new to SiteCatalyst. I typically work with off line data to build statistical models;however, now I will need to learn how to extract a sample of visitor level data (Web log/ clickstream) from SiteCatalyst or Discover so that I can conduct some web mining on some of the unique visitor paths.

I have not been able to find any tutorials or help documentation in this area.


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Hi Eric,

I believe this question belongs to the Adobe Analytics section.

Have you had a chance to look into Clickstream Datafeeds. We provide all collected data in the form of compressed, TSV files that you can store on your end and use for analysis. for your question, you need to three things to being wiith.

  1. How to configure Datafeeds:
  2. What does each column represent:
  3. How to extract visitor level data:

Hope this helps.

Edit: Look for the columns page_event and post_page_event. The lookup for the columns here.


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