How can I copy & paste or otherwise attach multiple email addresses at once to a scheduled project's email recipient list?



Hi, my problem is a small but irritating one. I am sending a few scheduled projects (not reports) to a group of people as email pdf but for some reason copying and pasting e.g. 10 email addresses at once and adding those to a project recipient list does not work (I've tried several ways and my colleagues have the same problems). Now I have to type or individually copy each email recipient for scheduled projects every time by hand...

So is there a way to successfully copy and paste or otherwise attach a list of email addresses to a scheduled project's mailing list? I see there is a some kind of mailing list option for reports but this is a project problem. Or is there a way to elsewhere create mailing lists that can be attached to projects? IF a report is the only way so how do I turn a project into a report?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



If they all have an account, you can create a group with all of them... or you can add each one one by one (but yes if there is a large number of people, it's a pain...)

If you want to add several emails addresses, it seems you have to add them one by one also (validating with "enter"). I believe it's not working if you copy and paste a list (even with a separator...)

Yes, it's a shame...