How can I check Appmeasurment code with Google chrome developer?



I would like to check my appMeasurement.js code on Google Chrome Developer tool.
But I cannot find any file under '' like that.
How can I check my published appMeasurement.js file with browser?

appMeasurement.js Google Chrome

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Hi @tomo_xxx ,

You may want to check several things before looking for the AppMeasurement.js file.

1. Make sure that the implementation code is being hosted on Akamai because otherwise it may be coming from a different source altogether. You could start just by checking that there is a tag on the page.

2. If the tag is on the page, make sure something in Launch (DTM) is actually using the Analytics extension in order for it to load. You could make a temporary pageload rule which has an action of clearing the Analytics variables. This will ensure that AppMeasurement.js is used on the page.


Depending on who is hosting the implementation code, it should show up with Developer Tools > Sources once you start using the extension.